Mortgage Audit and/or Mortgage Litigation is a better way to go than a Loan Modification.


Mortgage litigation is the examination of a client’s loan documents for the prevalence of fraud in the origination or implementation of their loan. This is not a loan modification in any form or fashion.

FAQ’s for Mortgage Litigation:

Q. What types of violations are found?
A. HUD-1, TIL, RESPA, violations in the recording of deed with the county or SEC, MERS
violations, specific Federal and state case law violations.

Q. Is this a forensic audit?
A. No. It is similar in the fact that it is looking for violations in the TIL and RESPA.
But it goes above and beyond looking for violations with specific federal and state
case law.Plus, the purpose of a forensic audit is to get the client a modification. It
is not necessary. Mortgage litigation is conducted by attorneys who will sue the
lender if necessary. This gets results.

Q. What type of results are possible?
A. Changes to the loan’s term, rate, payment, and/or principal balance; Cash settlement;
Rescission of the loan and a new loan will be generated; Rescission of the loan all

Q. Is this a loan modification?
A. No. We are not performing a modification or any type of foreclosure consultancy work.
We are not concerned about a client’s hardship or financials. This is only concerned
with the way a loan was originated, executed, implemented and/or recorded.

Q. Who can benefit from mortgage litigation?
A. Nearly anyone with a mortgage may qualify. There may be violations in the way the loan
was originated, executed, implemented or recorded. Unfortunately, there is no way to
determine if a client has violations without a thorough legal review of their loan.

Q. What type of loans do not qualify?
A. Loans that do not have substantiated violations. Just about any loan that has
violations will qualify for resolution. We have found 4 of 5 loans contain violations
of the above mentioned state and federal laws, so there is a strong chance of mistakes
on your current loan.

Q. Why should I choose mortgage litigation over loan modification?
A. Increasingly, people are turning to litigation as a way to modify their mortgage. Why?
Because by dealing with the legal department of your lender instead of the loss
mitigation department, you can sometimes get extreme concessions such as money back,
dramatic reductions in principal, and even a free and clear home in extreme cases. A
forensic audit of your original loan docs is conducted to Mortgage Litigation or
Modification, that is the question! We identify possible violations of the lending
laws. There are almost always some to find. Using these violations as a cause of
action against your lender, you sue. This can result in long periods when you pay
nothing to live in the house, the back payments are usually forgiven, no foreclosure
can take place, and you may end up with a better deal than you ever imagined.

To obtain more information about Mortgage Resolution / Litigation and other valuable tools to offer your clients please contact me. Mortgage litigation is a great tool for those homeowners that can not get approved for a loan modification. We offer affiliate programs that offer an alternative for loan modification turn downs, denied files,
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