Mortgage litigation gives the homeowner a fighting chance and lets them stand up to their lender

This is not a modification or a bogus forensic loan audit. This is an actual lawsuit filed against the lender in a court of law.
The suit will require the lender to produce original loan documents, proving they still own the loan. Due to transfers and sales of loans over the past 10 years, this is very difficult – if not impossible – for the lenders to do. If they cannot produce these documents, they can’t prove they actually own the loan, meaning they have been collecting illegally from the homeowner and possibly conducting fraudulent foreclosure actions.
This is an affordable solution for homeowners. The attorneys actually take a portion of their fee on contingency. This means the more they get for the client, the more they make as well.
Mortgage litigation can provide real results because the client now has law firms that will litigate in front of courts of law and juries of their peers.
Remember, this is not modification where we are asking the bank to accept less money. This takes the power away from the banks. Ultimately, it is not their decision any longer.