These are some possible outcomes:

Pre Trial Settlement
Once the lawsuit has been filed, the firm will attempt to settle the client’s claim through a 998 offer to compromise. They are seeking a sizable principal reduction and rate reduction. How this is possible is they are leveraging this settlement against pleading the case in front of a jury.

Amnesty Program
They firms will also be working on wide spread legislation to provide sweeping reform to this arena. If successful, they anticipate our clients to have preferential settlement options.

Full Lien Strip
This might result only if the lawsuit goes to trial. Remember, banks are villainized in today’s society for leading the economy into this mess. If this goes to a jury trial, banks would be hard pressed to find a jury that would not be sympathetic to homeowners and they would be held accountable for the bad mortgages that were written and the unresponsiveness they had in providing financial relief to homeowners.w